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Our Mission & Values

The aviation term "CAVU" means Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. At CAVU Wealth Management our mission is to help you have a clear picture of your financial goals and provide you with a plan to address them!

That’s why we take the time to really understand your values and see the world through your eyes.

That’s why we dig deep to understand who you are and what you truly want…now and in the future.

That’s why we want to help you address these fundamental questions…

“Will I make it financially?”

“Do I have any financial blind spots that will prevent me from accomplishing my goals?” 

When we strive to be our best…we can help you seek your best.

That’s why our guiding principles are built on a PILLAR of strength of the team as a whole, and the contribution of each individual who is part of it. Each of us is committed to:

  • Passion for Excellence in everything we do…we aspire to exceed expectations always.
  • Integrity…our word is our bond, and your best interests are our top priority.
  • Lead by Example…we each strive to be good role models for each other, our colleagues, our clients.
  • Lifelong Learning…sharpening skills we already have, and stepping out of our comfort zones to expand our knowledge and abilities to provide great service.
  • A Balanced Life…we devote time to our families, to growing as individuals and professionals, to staying grounded in our spiritual practices and true to our values.  We encourage our clients, associates and colleagues to do the same!
  • Respect for Others…we’re grateful for the different experiences, skills and knowledge each member of our team brings to the group!